Avery Hamel


Avery Hamel is a freshman journalism major at the University of Kansas, based in Colorado, with three and a half years of writing experience for both professional sites and her personal blog. She focuses on analytically-based writing involving statistical research and the articulation of such researched statistics. She hopes major in Journalism and minor in both Data Science and Spanish in order to continue to provide statistical analysis in her journalistic endeavors. Hamel writes for Diamond Digest, an independent site, and Over the Monster, a part of the SB Nation family, and the University Daily Kansan.
She has a student work job with the Project on the History of Black Writing as a social media assistant. Additionally, she helps to run the University Daily Kansan Sports Twitter account.

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An argument against banning the shift, 3/9/22
With CBA negotiations ongoing, the MLBPA made a sacrifice by agreeing to some concessions with MLB. One of these being the ban of the shift. In this article, I posit my point-of-view on why the shift should NOT be banned, and the possible implications that it could have on the game.

One Big Question: Can Rafael Devers cement his approach to consistently hit the fastball?; Over the Monster, 2/15/22
This article is part of a series that focuses on "One Big Question" for a specific player. This week, I took a look at Rafael Devers' struggle to hit the fastball, how this affected him last season, and how it can be projected to affect him in 2022. Additionally, the article points out trends and improvement methods in 2021 that helped Devers to gain control of his swing again.
2022 Yankees Preview; Diamond Digest, 2/4/22
This piece evaluates the Yankees' offseason moves from the point of a Red Sox fan. It uses free agent tracking, win projections, and key factors to project the Yankees' success in 2022 and inform Boston fans on what to look out for.
What would a Rafael Devers contract extension look like?; Over the Monster, 12/28/21
As Rafael Devers was the main subject during Boston's pre-lockout free agent negotiation, it is natural for fans to wonder what might come of the youngster as he approaches free agency. This article takes a look at what specific values might be used to write a contract and provides a comparison to some similar players as to project what sort of contract may be offered to the Red Sox's third baseman.
A closer look at the ups and downs of J.D. Martinez's 2021 season; 11/10/21
Taking evaluation a step further. this article examines the peaks and valleys of J.D. Martinez's 2021 season. These numbers provide an evaluation of the season as a whole and provide hope for Martinez's continued improval over the coming years.

The bottom third of the lineup holds the key to Boston’s success this week, 9/29/21
This piece examines a key secret of success for Boston's Wild Card search: the performance of the bottom third of the lineup. This group has seen trends of improvement over the past months, and their consistent contribution to the team could make or break their Wild Card race.
How Lineup Optimization Can Further Maximize the Red Sox's Success; Diamond Digest, 7/3/21
This article explores the tools of lineup optimization and how it applies to the 2021 Red Sox in order to improve their win probability and end-of-year win total.
How Nick Pivetta Fits Into Boston's Future; Diamond Digest, 2/28/21
Nick Pivetta has a new opportunity to break through into a stater role in 2021, while being backed by both Chaim Bloom and pitching coach Dave Bush.
How Nathan Eovaldi's Improved Pitch Selection Led to His Success in 2020; Diamond Digest, 12/1/20
This piece takes a deeper look at Nathan Eovaldi's 2020 campaign, and explores two critical pitch types that allowed for his improvement in the previous season.

How Brandon Workman's Recent Success Will Make Him a Target at the Trade Deadline; Diamond Digest, 8/16/20
By taking a look back at Brandon Workman's 2019-2020 stats, it's clear to see why he'll be in such high demand before the August 31st, 2020 trade deadline.
2020 Boston Red Sox Season Preview; Diamond Digest, 7/22/20
This article recaps the happening of the previous offseason, details a schedule breakdown, lineup prediction, a projected starting rotation and bullpen roster, ZiPS player projections, and a PECOTA team projection (detailing a projected record and playoff predictor). All of this information combined lays out the 2020 season for the Red Sox and attempts to provide a prediction of the season itself.
How the 2020 Season Will Benefit the Red Sox; Girl at the Game, 6/25/20
This, poorly predicted article, stipulates the odd rules of the 2020 season that could have assisted the Red Sox in their search for 60-game glory.
How Rafael Devers Found Success in 2019; Sox Sphere, 5/28/20
A statistical analysis of Rafael Devers' 2019 season, and what factors and adjustments played into this breakthrough for him.

An In-Depth Look at the Lethality of Eduardo Rodriguez's 2019 Changeup; Sox Sphere, 4/14/20
Eduardo Rodriguez's breakout in 2019 deserved a deeper look. And with this look, it can be seen just how key Rodriguez's changeup was to this success, as articulated in this article.
Collin McHugh: A Pickup to Complete the Sox Rotation; Sox Sphere, 3/1/20
This prophetic piece details a possible acquisition for the Sox that could, and would have, fill[ed] a hole in their upcoming, mediocre staff rotation.
Why the Mookie Deal Makes Sense, Even if the Initial Return Doesn't; Sox Sphere, 2/9/20
In the aftermath of the Mookie Betts blockbuster, this article breaks down the trade, the Red Sox's return, and the future possibilities that this trade provides Boston with.
2020 Marks a New Decade and a New Beginning for Boston; Sox Sphere, 12/31/19
This piece takes a look back at the previous decade of championships for this Boston team, and prophets on the upcoming decade and what it has to offer for the team, fans, and analysts.

As the League Continues to Modernize, the Red Sox Finally Follow Suit; Sox Sphere, 11/5/19
As the Red Sox dump Dave Dombrowski in the year following a World Series championship, this article analyzes Chaim Bloom's new front office and the approaches they'll come to deploy with this new-age team. Bloom, the new Chief Baseball Officer for the team, will use his analytical background and progressive approach to build this team into an annual contender with a sustainable roster and deep player pool.
During a Disappointing 2019, Devers, Bogaerts Thrive; Sox Sphere, 9/24/19
This piece, the first archivable professional article of my writing career, looks back at the disappointment of the 2019 season through the lens of the success of young stars Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaerts, who became the first Red Sox teammates to ever start in the left side of the infield for the All-Star Game in 2021.